Enabling file sharing and functionality, opening ports, configuration

I am trying to use my computer in all of it’s functionality which includes a lot of things: from fully blown firefox with plugins to virtual machines and servers.

Also I’m using bittorrent protocol with programs such as azureus and bittorent. Then there is dc++, shareaza, soul seek, etc.

File sharing (p2p) does not work good. The strangest problems are with bittorrent azureus.

This page for example shows how to open ports…

The port used is 3587 but comodo keeps on blocking most of computers resulting in poor performance or no performance, even for upload. I had times for special tests to connect to one other computer and see that it does work in principle.

How can I configure firewall to open port or loosen security, etc?


i heard allow fragmented ips will solve p2p problems.

disadvantage might be obvious, but it have flood protection, so …


Welcome to the forums, p2p_user ~

You need to create specific Inbound TCP and/or UDP rules in Network Monitor to the required Destination Ports. They must be above any rule that would otherwise block them (specifically, the bottom Block & Log IP In/Out rule). The ports must be defined in the p2p application configuration, and UPNP cannot be used for automatic port assignment.

There’s more info within this thread:


Excellent. It works.

I added one rule TCP in/out Allow Destination=3587 and moved it to the top.

There is some statistics related to this so it works even with lower rank for this rule.

I would suggest having that only as an In rule, rather than In/Out. Two reasons:

  1. You shouldn’t need another “Out” rule, since you should have the default of Allow TCP/UDP Out Any,Any,Any,Any in place.
  2. Since “Destination” changes in view of whether it’s Outbound or Inbound, it’s better (IMO) to have separate rules. This way there’s no confusion, and it’s also easier to trace any problems.