Enabling/Disabling NICs equates to CPF not allowing an IP to be established?

Using a laptop where I continually switch between two different types of communication connections. Going from a wired ethernet port to a wireless connection by disabling/enabling the wireless card in network connections (XP SP2).
If I do this with Comodo enabled, the laptop will not get a new IP when I go back and forth between the two types of connection. If I disable and exit CPF, I can then get the IP on each connection (I’m always on either connection but never connected to both at the same time).
Is there a setting I am missing to make this possible without exiting CPF? My experience with other firewalls is the firewall stating a new connection has been made (meaning new network found) but this is not the case with CPF. I have added them both as trusted networks but it did not aid in getting an assigned IP with Comodo enabled.

This so far is the only issue I have had testing this great free firewall.

Also as a question, is there a setting for CFP not to run at startup upon reboot if I do not want it to?