SOS!!! SOS!!! Okay, so for the second time - once with flickr.com and once now with the google blogger, I have been instructed to:
Clear your cache.
Delete your Blogger cookie.
Check your Cookie settings.
Check your JavaScript settings.
Quit your browser and restart it.

I did all of this and I am still unable to post on the google blogger or to see what the visual authentication letters are. I understand this may have to do with cookies being disabled in my firewall; but, I can’t find a way to do that. Can you help??? I really want to BLOG!!

Also, I now have hundreds of files that are “pending my review” in Defense +. When I use the “Lookup” key, I get nothing. So, what do I do with these files?..

ANY help very appreciated!!! (:NRD)

I think the 1st order is to look up, which will tell you if they’re safe, purge which release any files on the safe list. Submit if what’s left aren’t recognizable (keep them there until they’re deemed safe). Otherwise remove.

Once you run through all your programs there won’t be nearly as many.

Thanks so much for your reply.
Wow. Now, there are over a thousand of them “waiting for my review”
When I do the “Lookup” I get nothing…so…I’m going to take your last advice and just remove them…
here goes…

Remove is usually reasonable. Unless you are suspicious about some files or want to contribute to the database of safe files, Submit is a pain when you have a lot of files. I once made the mistake of not Removing a 450 Mb iso file until I noticed a choking sound coming from my modem.