Enabling and Disabling Comodo Firewall Is Not Affecting Port Visibility

I have a strange problem where it seems Comodo being enabled or disabled is not affecting whether my ports are open or stealthed. Using GRC.com to scan my ports regardless if the firewall is activated or not ports 22, 80, 443, 448 are open while everything else is stealthed. I thought maybe it was due to Windows Firewall but if I enable and disable it everything still stays the same. I DO NOT have a router hooked up. I did contact my ISP but they are not giving me a clear answer if they are blocking it or not but they are ACTING like it is not on their end. Also Comodo has ZERO inbound connections. What else could it be? I do have Avast and Spybot but I can’t think of anything else that would block it. I want COMODO to be my firewall, not anything else. I have never installed another firewall on here though I really wish I could remove Windows Firewall. Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time! Take care.
PS the way I found out is I used to be able to host a minecraft server but now I can’t. Very strange that my ability to do so would change.

Are your computer directly connected or behind a router?

If you connect through a router you probably have these ports open on it, so try to close them first in config of router.

As I mentioned I do not have a router hooked up.

Is the router built into the modem from your ISP?

To know if you are behind a router can be easiest seen by looking at the IP address of network adapter. If it is in the 192.168.y.z , 10.x.y.z or 172.x.y.z range it is in a private range and therefor behind a router.

To see the IP address run


from the command prompt. What version of Windows are you on?