Enabled enhanced protection mode under 32 bit?

Well I’m running W7 Pro x32 bit, and if I activate the Proactive Profiles, under HIPS “Enabled enhanced protection mode” is enabled, from what I know and from Comodo help guide “Enabled enhanced protection mode” only needed for 64 bit system not for 32 bit.
Why this is enabled by default in Proactive Profiles if I’m under 32 bit system? Should i disable this?


Its enabled for the proactive configuration because the proactive config is for setting CIS to highest security settings. But yes you can disable enhanced protection mode if you want, it makes no difference if it is enabled or disabled on 32-bit windows installations.

Thx :-TU

One honorable mention would be the use of hardware virtualization. Better protection against hypervisor-level rootkits, for example.