Enabled enhanced protection mode (Requires a system restart)


Just like to know if its safe to turn that option on(Enabled enhanced protection mode (Requires a system restart)).
I hear that it causes problems for people.
I got Win 7 64bit

I also like to know if its safe to use Comodo with no AV.
I use Comodo HIPS and have set any unknown file to blocked.


Hey Johny, it don’t hurt to try… so I would suggest you turn it on and restart, if you have any problems then please take the time to report in the bug section in the correct format (there is sticky which you can copy and paste to make one…).

I’ve got 64bit with it enabled and no problems so far, so go for it! :-TU

Welcome to the forums/community by the way, hope you choose to make use of this place as it’s a wonderful place for reading info of use etc… blah blah. hehe.

Thanks for the update mate. :wink: