Enable/Disable Automatic Startup of CIS as it existed in 3.9

Enable/Disable Automatic Startup of CIS was removed in the 3.10 version. Please add this feature back into CIS.

haven’t tried it but can’t you just remove CIS auto startup registry entry? (using CCleaner maybe?) ???
ow, and why do you want to do it anyway? it’s safer to have CIS set to automatic i think :-La


Would also like this re-instated.
Could use Win Patrol (free & CPU lightweight) to temporarily disable startup of
interface but also need to disable the service in computer management, & then
the opposite to re-enable. would be simpler if re-enstated.
Just closing the interface does not seem to inhibit AV etc. For some things
you just need to disable AV and defense+, not having some easy way of doing
this may result in users uninstalling the s/w, just because they klnow of no other
way of achieving this. Dont know if this is a problem concerning CIS, but, I recently
replaced my DVD re-writer (Sony-Nec-Optiarc) and find the write quality terrible,
according to Nero CD/DVD Speed, Quality around 0.0% and that is pretty BAD.
I notice several times during DVD burn that the input buffer drops momentarily to
around 10% and I cannot confirm as yet that this is due to CIS scanning
everything, but it is something I’m gonna need to investigate. Switching OFF
CIS completely is gonna be the first thing I try. Never had anything like this
using ZA-IS, but then it could be the drive (Yes, just updated firmware).
I think I’ve seen mention of a GAME MODE which might also be of use (if I
understand what this is correctly). 8)

I need this feature :frowning: today I installed CIS on a laptop and my idea was to start it only before I connect to internet or for a periodic scan, I don’t want to drain the battery for no reason!

Hi barbierir, welcome to forums.

I don’t believe this will do what you expect. CFP.EXE (the program in question) is only CIS’ front-end user interface and does not substantively make up a large part of CIS. CIS can and will function quite well without it, although CIS will not be able to talk to the user or receive instructions. If you’re also using Defense+ and/or the Antivirus component, then things might get blocked without notifying you.


This is a good idea.