Enable/Disable Antivirus with rightclick on the icon

Wish : Enable/Disable Antivirus with rightclick on the icon

like for many others antivirus (KAV,…)

best is multi disable options :

  • until next reboot
  • after 5 minutes
  • manually

Sometimes I need to disable everything for some reason or another, and it seems inconsistant that I am able to disable the Firewall and Defense+ from the tray icon, but I have to open up everything and navigate to the right settings to disable the AV scanner.

It might also be useful to be able to start a full system scan from the tray as well.



This suggestion was posted in the GUI wishlist a while back.
Take a look at the sample pics in this post (I thought some visual feedback may help the Comodo team!)

I’m in on this one as well.

+1, a couple times over. Primarily for work reasons, and I’m trying to push for Comodo products…

So, pretty please?



I vote no. It’s needlessly dangerous to disable anti-virus entirely instead of just Ignoring paths.
p.s. Related discussion was hijacked to Why disable antivirus?.
UPDATE: On further reflection, I change my vote to “yes” for the approach and reason noted here.

Some people will want to use an antivirus program other than Comodo’s. Being able to turn off realtime AV protection will allow them to do that. Furthermore, some people may prefer to turn off realtime scanning to improve performance (e.g. I have a computer that I rarely connect to the internet/network, and I like to scan my computer for malware then turn off all realtime security software when I am not on the internet/network. This helps minimize slow down when I work with my imaging and publishing software). These are very specific circumstances, but it would be nice if Comodo allows for easy deactivation of the realtime antivirus for those of us who want it.

CIS can be password protected, which means that the antivirus mode cannot be changed without the password, but it also means that nothing else can be changed without the password.

How about an option that lets you enable/disable certain components of the tray icon menu? I know this does not eliminate the “danger” you are refering to, but it may help keep the option a little less accessible to those who are super-ultra-newbies.

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I don’t think this is a very needed future, you can already disable the AV’s realtime scanning in the gui.
But maby this makes things more user friendly.

I think this is a minor thing, I vote Yes (+1), but I still think it should be a low low low priority thing.


In the new beta thats being tested you may right click on the tray icon and disable real time scanning.