Enable automatic detection of private networks - option missing

I just had to re-install comodo firewall and it didn’t ask me about joining a new network so I just looked for the option for automatic detection of private networks but the option is not there.

Also, after installing comodo it does not ask me anymore what to do when I run programs that want to connect to the internet. Before it used to ask me and then I would choose if I wanted comodo to remember or not.

I only run the firewall. Defense, hips and sandbox disabled.

Can anyone please help me with the settings?

It’s under Network Zones.

Thanks aim4it. It is already enabled but it still hasn’t asked me.

Also, as I said, I would like comodo to ask me whenever an application is trying to connect to the internet, with the option to remember or not. Could anyone help me with these things please?

Never mind. I just uninstalled and re-installed comodo and it asked me whether I am at a home network or not. During installation there was also an option to make comodo not to ask me too much and I un-ticked it and now it will ask me every time a program wants to connect to the internet (which is what I want).