Emule problem after upgrade

I’ve upgraded my Emule from v.046c to new 0.47b. I’ve not modified anything in CPF NetworMonitor rules.

Now Emule can’t connect to internet . It show message “Fatal error - Can’t create a socket on port 4662” and don’t find any Internet connection.

If I shut down CPF, all is OK. If I tell to CPF that Emule is a trusted application (all ports available) all is OK.

Must I add new rule/s in CPF ? Can you help me ?


Forgot my conf
XP SP2 - NOD32 - CPF

Anyone know something about this problem ?

I’ve also tried to reinstall old 0.46c (perfectly running before upgrade) but the message is the same of 0.47b.

Hope the experts help me soon.



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Now all is OK !

The problem was the voice “Skip loopback TCP …” in section Advanced → Miscellaneous.

I don’t know why but it was unchecked. It was incredible because i am sure that before Emule upgrade that voice was checked.