EMULE PLUS port blocked

I have followed the help in the Comodo FAQ section for setting up the Network Monitor to use Emule and believe Comodo is setup correctly. But when I connect to a server I get the message " Your 4662 port is not reachable. Please review your network config"

I have moved the new rules up above the “Block and Log” IP in and out.

At the moment I Allow TCP in from IP [any] to IP [any] where source port is [any] and destination port is 4662. Allow UDP in from IP [any] to IP [any] where source port is [any] and destination port is 4672. I have tried variatons of theses setting and on different ports numbers, but no success.

When I change Comodo security setting to “allow all” emule works fine.

I have the ports open on my router ie. TCP 4662, UDP 4672 and TCP/UDP 5555 for Utorrent

Utorrent works fine, if I try “speed guide” in Utorrent and try port 5555 I get a success message, If I test 4662, I get the same success message. However testing 4672 fails.

I do not know how else to check the ports.

Others report success, I must be missing something, can someone help me please.


The fix appears to be that the PC required a coldstart.

I restarted the PC and now emule is working fine with the Comodo Emule FAQ working as advertised.

Thank you

Thanks for letting us know, grahamg. In my experience, especially with Network Monitor rules, a reboot is helpful; this clears the memory out and resets everything for the new rules. This seems to become more important once the traffic has been blocked.

That’s all empirical data rather than clinical, but that’s what I’ve got for you… :wink: