Emule not detected as new application


I have installed the newest version and when I launch Emule, I do not get alerted that it wants to access the internet. It simply runs without notification. Also it does not appear in the Application Monitor. Maybe Emule uses some techniques to bypass the detection by firewalls?

Also observed this behaviour with spybot search & destroy. Also no alerts here. All my other applications are detected correctly when they want to access the internet. Can anybody tell what’s going on?

It doesn’t make rules for known apps if “Do not show alerts for applications certified by Comodo” setting is on. Rather weird and uncommon behaviour, I think.

Yes, you are right. I removed the checkmark and it detected Emule.
Strange. It knows about emule and spybot, but not about Thunderbird or Opera…

The “Standard”-Apps should be definately in the list.
For me this is: opera, winamp, total commander, avast, thunderbird, firefox, ping, tracert

IE is not standard app (:WIN)

I suppose it stores hashes database for known apps and hashes are subject to change for rapidly developing apps. Am I right?