Emule low id.

Hi, i have a problem with emule. The connection id is low (tcp and udp port are blocked), even if i define emule as a good application. When i turn off the firewall everything works well. so i think that there is a problem in firewall’s setting. How can i resolve this problem? thank you. (i’m sorry for my english)

Same problem here, and with Vuze also. Ruleset addition (described in the guide) and upgrade to 6 beta didn’t solve the issue.
All happened after 5.12 automatic update.
Any guesses?

Do we have to rollback to 5.10? Where can we find the 5.10 setup package?

Look in the logs for related blocks.

You should open ports only temporary. And if its really necessary.

For now, why not stay with 5.10, 5.12 is (imo) more for Win8,

Updated without looking at the changelog first.
Anyway, beta 6 has the same “problem”.

Is there a forum link where we can find the 5.10 package?

Hi theruler,

I’m not sure if you can still download 5.10 from here:- CIS 5.10.228257.2253

If not then different versions are available from File Hippo:- Download Comodo Internet Security 5.10.228257 for Windows - Filehippo.com

anyone got a solution for this?
it’s strange to have a low Id just by updating …

If the V6 Beta has the same problem did you report this as a bug in the bug reporting thread? If not then can you please do this so the devs can investigate and correct this problem?

Thank you.

Done. Hope to have submitted it correctly.

Thanks for the advice.
Thanks Dolphin for the DL link. That should do the trick.

Unfortunately both are v5.12.

On filehippo version from 5.12 to 5.8.211 are redirected to 5.12 Package (96.3MB).
The first different package is lmgmedia.com (v5.5). Now downloading…
EDIT: no way.
may be this one?

Googled around, I was not able to find v5.10. Does anyone happen to have the package stored somewhere?

Bingo. It seem to be the droid I was looking for.

Here is the CIS (AV+FW) v5.10:

I downloaded this file. i’m going to try it. i hope it will solve the problem with emule and also the problem withe the .exe file contained in winrar files (blocked automatically). thank you

Is it solved in v6.0?

There is no problem in v6 with eMule.

I think the problem batmax is experiencing that he may not have set up Global Rules correctly.

If you are experiencing problems with eMule please start a help topic and we will make it work.