Emule (kademila connection) problem search with "Network Monitor"

You need to disable
Security->Advanced->Advanced attack detection and protection->Miscellanous->Block fragmented IP datagrams and
Security->Advanced->Advanced attack detection and protection->Miscellanous->Do protocol analysis options

This is not disabling the network monitor but disabling the aggressive filtering of CFW. P2P applications do not get along well with aggressive filtering.


Thanks egemen,

I know this works, my problem is just that protocol analysis is completely disabled for all traffic then what is not what I want.

But I had an idea, maybe this is realisable.

if interested, see here


Yeah but if my firewall reports that it has blocked some connections with protocol analysis even if I don’t use eMule then I’m not going to turn it off when I use eMule. That’s too unsecure for me, so we need some better solution for this.

To me this problem isn’t about Kademlia searches, but that my eMule client can’t download anything from Kademlia. Every connection with clients from Kademlia are disconnected or the downloads try some time (something about minute) but my client can’t get anything downloaded from them - not even one byte. So my guess is that every warning in my firewall log about fake or malformed udp packets or fragmented udp packets coming or going from my eMule port are those connection attempts that are blocked by Comodo Firewall. And I have allowed eMule to connect to internet in any way and those eMule ports are allowed also. So come on, is there anything to do to this? :stuck_out_tongue:

Which operating system you use? Windows XP or Windows 2000?

Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2…