Emule goes wrong with comodo

Hi, I’m a new hand of comodo firewall from Taiwan.
I used privatefirewall before, and my emule (Xtreme 8.1 MOD) went fine.
Today I switch to comodo because it’s the best.
Basicly everyting’s fine, I followed the Official guide about emule setting comodo rules:




But strange things happened:

1.Search function becoming really slow (about few minutes) and had really few resaults (sometimes there are none).


2.Kad contacts becoming lesser and lesser, even after I clicked “recheck firewall” many times.

3.Seems no one can download file from me, so my upload speed remain at 0.0 for couple hours.


I still got High-id and my friends’ emule seems have no problem with comodo, so I really confuse about this, could anyone help me?

I checked firewall events found this:


already make a allow rule for it, but problems still there.

Some guy from other forum test for me, and problem aim to Xtreme MOD, the compatibility problem can be solved?