Emule gives LowID even if it is considered a Trusted Application by CIS 4.0.13

Just that.

CIS3 did not have such problem.

I have followed the instructions given at https://forums.comodo.com/guides-cis/firewall-tutorial-for-emule-with-comodo-internet-security-t14735.0.html
but eMule still gives LowID with the new CIS4. ???

Further, I finally have uninstalled CIS4 and have re-installed CIS3.14. Now eMule works again like a charm.

For that, I just have marked eMule as Trusted Application in Defense+ and in the Firewall… and it is all. :o

Hence, I still think there is some bug with the new CIS4 firewall.


My eMule did that, (with 3.14 also) and that was due to eVPN being installed. eMule sees it as an IP address outside the protected zone of the router.

So, are you sure it is CIS causing this on your system?

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