eMule gives LowID even following the tutorial with CIS4 (not with CIS3)

After giving to eMule the consideration of Trusted Application in Defense+ and in the Firewall, and not working that, I have followed the instructions given at https://forums.comodo.com/guides-cis/firewall-tutorial-for-emule-with-comodo-internet-security-t14735.0.html
but eMule still gives LowID with the new CIS4. ???

Further, I finally have uninstalled CIS4 and have re-installed CIS3.14. Now eMule works again like a charm.

For that, I just have marked eMule as Trusted Application in Defense+ and in the Firewall in CIS3.14 … and it is all. :o

Hence, I still think there is some bug with the new CIS4 firewall.


There’s more likely a bug in your security behavior:
no right-minded person can consider emule as a safe application.

Well, it’s not CIS I can also say that much.

You will need in/out bound TCP & UDP enabled on comodo to emule custom rules that’s all. also it needs source & Destination of those ports. :slight_smile:

and I can second the above fellow no sane person thinks ED2K is safe by any means.

Perhaps emule is not a safe application.
But, if I configure CIS4 fw in the same way i had CIS3, and now emule does not work ???, the problem is in CIS4, not in emule.

V4 comes with defaults that block inbound connections and thus cause emule’s lowID issues:

1. The Global rules got a “Block and Log IP In From IP Any to IP Any Where Protocol is Any” rule to drop incoming connections.

In Firewall Tutorial for Emule with Comodo Internet Security the last step titled “If you have connectivity problems” advices to use stealth port wizard and thus solve this without requiring further troubleshooting

If you have connectivity problems: [b]Go at Firewall -> Common Tasks -> Stealth ports wizard [/b]and select [b]Alert me to incoming connections- stealth my ports on a per-case basis[/b]

Users with a dialup connection (not behind a router) should consider to avoid the above step since it will also cause “Block and Log IP In From IP Any to IP Any Where Protocol is Any” to be removed:

In most cases all they need would be to place new rules to allow inbound connection to emule TCP and UDP client ports before the “Block and Log IP In From IP Any to IP Any Where Protocol is Any” one and if there are still connection problems:

2. The “All applications” policy got a “Block and Log All unmatching requests” rule
(Such policy is not available in “COMODO - Proactive Security” Configuration)

Such “All applications” policy would prevent inbound connections to any application without an assigned policy (but also affect applications whose policy is placed downward/after eg: it will prevent inbound connections to “Windows Updater Applications” group as well )

Emule won’t be able to receive inbound connections until that “All applications” policy is either removed or moved after any existing executable with an “emule” policy

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eMule will also behave as you described if it sees what it thinks is a public network on your system. Do you have VPN or something similar installed?

There is nothing like a good explanation!!! Thanks a lot, Endymion!!! Emule ports now open. ;D

You’re welcome. :slight_smile: