emule and Comodo Firewall rules

Hi !

I posted this already in the FAQ section but nobody answered my question.
So maybe by putting it here I will get a reply.
I hope this is the right section now.

I followed the tutorial for emule in the FAQ section and did exactly what is written there.

Here´s my problem:

I can choose Treat this application as:
Installer or Updater
Trusted Application
Windows System Application
Isolated Application
Limited Application

There´s no choice for emule.

Can you please tell me why is that ?


Hi prallo - I have not used eMule, so if my response is off base, please make allowances. I assume from your question that you have written the set of Predefined Policy rules for eMule. You will have to edit the rule for eMule manually - it seems that the list of predefined policies offered at the pop-up only includes the ones that came with CFP. Click Firewall>Advanced>Network Security Policy. On that page, locate and select the entry for eMule and click Edit. On the Edit page, select the “Use a Predefined Policy” button and click the drop-down beside it. You will see the eMule policy you defined there. Select it and Click Apply and again Apply on the parent screen. If there is no eMule entry, click Add and on the dialog click Select and then Browse. Locate the exe for eMule by browsing and then, with the Application Path set up, click the “Use a Predefined Policy” button and then choose your policy from the drop-down and click Apply and Apply.

Hi !

Thanks a lot ! That first part of your answer did do the trick.

Great Firewall, maybe the best !
Now I need only the Comodo Antivirus for Windows Vista. Hopefully soon !