eMule 0.5 & CIS 4.014...

Dear All,
I have tried to install eMule 0.5 under CIS 4 and read numerous howtos on this forum. Various settings under firewall adavnced just are not there anymore. If I disable CIS I get a HighID if I enable CIS a LowID so I know it is CIS related.
I have tried my own port settingts in emuale 34567 and 34568 ytied creating rules in CIS but have reached a point of uteer exhaustion

Is there anyone who could in simple language and pictures give me a guide on how to get a HighID in eMule with CIS 4. The only howtos i can find actaually seem to refer to CIS 3 and not CIS 4.

Thank you and kind regards,
Mr Frustrated
PS I had it working fine unde CIS 3. 8)

Try moving the e Mule rule to a place somewhere above the All Applications rule. When a rule is under the All Applications rule it is subordinate to that rule which does not allow any incoming traffic. Moving it above the All Applications rule allows to make your own custom rule for e Mule ( I think you found them).

I assume you already opened the required ports for incoming traffic under Global Rules.