Emsisoft Mamutu

I see a few people in the forum who use ThreatFire and Comodo with Defense+ enabled, but is anyone using Mamutu and Comodo with Defense+ enabled? I would thing since Mamutu is also a Behavior Blockers it should run ok with Comodo and Defense+ right? I got a 1 year free license for Mamutu from GiveAwayOfTheDay and so that’s why I was wondering.

Please follow this link. Some forum members might share their experience with Emsisoft’s Mamutu in combination with CFP http://forum.emsisoft.com/Default.aspx?g=posts&t=2760

I actually don’t see the need. Comodo does it all.

I knew you wold say that and your probably right. I just like Mamutu that’s all. I also like Comodo and I think it may be all right to install it again. Is Comodo’s stealth mode and Self Protection working with its default settings now?

Run the stealth wizard and your all set. Version 309 running on my laptop and desktop flawlessly for over 2 weeks now.Longer then OA. LOL.