Emsisoft Anti-Malware & recent MRG tests

Greetings all,

Please have a look at the the results of a recent MRG tests (Sept 9, 2010)

Sure, read included links inside
Emsisoft Anti-Malware is the only program passing all MRG single malware tests


… as usual, and very consistent for such a long time and according to so many different tests

mod edit: corrected MSG to MRG (original forum post incorrect). kail
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Well done Emsisoft! :-TU

Yes indeed

and thanks for

mod edit: corrected MSG to MRG (original forum post incorrect). kail

MSG 88) Malware Special Group…

What I was thinking about (socialists? / savage? / slaughter?/ what else ? ;D


mod edit: no problem. now you’ve seen it you can remove all of my references, it’s only 4 u really. kail. :)

… sexy … :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe there is a tester called MSG as that is what Emsisoft announced.

Possibly not Malware Rouge Group after all.

hahaha! ;D sure that was in my mind … subconsciously,
but since it’s always there (every 10-15 seconds) as psychiatrists claiming -
I did not mentioned it because it can apply to anything including MRG


It is MRG (I checked that before I changed it). If you follow the Emsisoft forum URL it leads to this. Just a typo on Emsisofts’ forums.

edit: mind you, the Twitter URL (View the full article) is broken too.

12-31-2009 .Emisoft have a large promotion,i got 20 key online armor++ .I hope 2010 has a lager promotion!
sorry,my English is very bad!

Indeed, man
I just copied that from the title
… anyway having subconscious thoughts about “Sexy” as it was pointed above ;D

That was posted to EMSI & will be fixed

*** edited*** The typo was fixed already few minutes ago :slight_smile:


Oops, they deleted the whole topic & started again (probably). I think the URL needs correcting in the first post Siber.

??? No, it’s there at the right side
as attached & working fine

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Sorry, I meant the URL in your first post (in this topic). No problem, I just corrected it anyway. :slight_smile:

Aha! got it - thanks :slight_smile: