Emsi "cloud scanner"

Emsi the makers of the aquared, mamutu etc have released a cloud based scanner which helps tell if a computer is infected. Designed to run alongside other AV`s/Firewalls. Scans in <1 minute.
Any thoughts on this?

Not to keen on this bit (pic)

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The pic is trying to get you to buy their product to ‘prevent’ an infection in the first place.
Btw malaware is still in BETA AFAIK.

MalAware is not beta no more. Version 1 released

I guess it’s nice to use a 1MB program that does similar to a 45MB program.

How do they know you don`t have other software for this?
IMO it would be urgent if you were infected. is formal release.

Ok. Well it’s pretty handy tool… It’s meant to have similar detection as the full product? Think I’ve just found my new on-demand scanner.

What would be great is if someone could plug it into sandboxie… hmmm

I guess the end thing about trying to get you to use A2 would just be trying to make money. They gotta make it some how right? ;D

Does this tool can remove malware ?
For handy usage I’m using their portable version.

It doesn`t have any removal capabilities, you must use there full version (free, portable, paid) to remove any infections found.

[at] Kyle, i was just being a pedantic arse m8 :wink: What do you mean when you say plug it into SBIE?

It only seems to scan running processes and a traces scan. I`m with you Petit and have the free on a usb which can easily be plugged in and used to scan whatever on demand.