Emsi alliance with Tall Emu

Emsi, owner of A-squared has announced an alliance with Tall Emu (online armor).

You can review the article here…


Hey Xan, it’s Tall Emu by the way :wink:


I must say, good move by both companies. I mean, I prefer Comodo, but you can’t deny that OA is a very good firewall :slight_smile:

Oh, and a2 is very good as well :slight_smile:

Changed lol :smiley:


Maybe Avira should join comodo. :slight_smile:

Maybe so, if CIS wasn’t going to end up beating Avira :wink:

I have every faith in Melih and Comodo :slight_smile:

I have every faith in Melih and Comodo Smiley
Me too :■■■■

Thank you guys!
I will do my my best to live up to your expecations.

Thank you for having faith in me!

thank you!

You don’t need anyone else do ya mate!! :wink:

You got Comodo and the community. :slight_smile: Faith is all in Melih… Melih is the back bone of everything. Keep pushing Melih!!

Go Melih Go!!:slight_smile:


Thank you guys! I will do my my best to live up to your expecations.

Sometimes, I think some members here have expectations that are way TOO HIGH. ??? especially in the anti-virus department. Making a antivirus program ISN’T easy especially when there dealing with intelligent malware writers THAT have profit in mind(although some do it for fun)

It hard making anything perfect software or not. Look how far comodo has come along in a short time period.
Lets compare this company for a minute (nortan’s internet security products)

My view
Nortan company has been around for many years, While it’s hard making a security program, but they had plently of time to do it(like over 10 years). It still SUCKS, it still has more holes then swiss cheese, the NORTAN FORUM’s for help sucks. If I had to spend $40 dollars, on a security product. I’d take the free comodo firewall,l spend the money on “trustconnect”(instead of buying nortan) for even more secure computer that will be used to to go online.
Comodo hasn’t been around as long and they already kicked thier a$$ in the firewall, HIPS, and computer cleaning (comodo system cleaner) department. Up til now comodo is catching up fast in the antivirus market. Even in a short time period it still whooped esafe, haute,and a few other companys. WHILE STILL BEENING NEW TO THE anti-virus SCENE.

The help you can get at comodo is a hell of a lot better then other places
I’m tried of people writing My kaspersky found XXXX and Comodo didn’t!!!. All I have to say is “SO WHAT” It beat comodo by a few hour or days “SO WHAT” PEOPLE should be more concerned on preventing the problem NOT detectiing the problem.

And another thing, I get annoyed when someone write, comodo crashed or damaged thier computer. The problem could be many things or problems were starting building(the bugs you haven’t noticed or ignored) up before starting to use comodo. then when starting to use comodo problems happen.

(95% of all problems can be traced back to between the computer and the chair that you sit on.)

I still think comodo is the best thing to come along since the internet is created
YEAH, I had a few problem when comodo first came out. It ■■■■■■■ up my computer(mad as hell), but it’s still the BEST DAMM SOFTWARE!!! I’ve ever had.

If someone needs help, comodo forums is always there to help you 24hours a day 7 days a week
Regardless of what the problem is, people here are more then happy to help you and will stay with you untill YOUR problem is fixed. You may or may not get get an instinct response . But as some point in time you will get help.

Thats all im going to write for now,
and yes my spelling and grammer sucks

If you find anything that has a bug , glitch, flaws, report it.
It doesn’t matter on how minor(even just a tinnnnnnnnny bug or major the problem is, Let comodo know,. It will help you out. and you’ll be helping millions of other people using the same software as you
While nothing is perfect, It bring us closer to it

I guess both those parties will benefit from this in the short run…

In the long run… Hard to say… But A2 is really nice, online armor aint bad either, but they don’t surpass CIS in efficiency and protection… =)

Oh… and… Good luck Melih! So far so good CIS is over my expetations and the system cleaner also (especially the registry cleaning part…)! :■■■■

keep up the good work! really looking forward to 3.9! :comodorocks:

online armor is not able to protect itself against flood and the FW crashes…
a-squared got more false positives than any product i ever tested…

so at the end, what a real malware and what is not ?
soon no one will be able to make the different between a real danger and a false positive,
is it what we want ?
dont u want some FW able to protect itself and u from flooding ?
i posted about this issue about OA lot of times, no one seems to care as we got a real fighting about comodo pcmag review and we’re not even know what really did the man…

see ya.

Well OA is not comodos or most members heres biggest concern… so I can see that its gets a bit forgotten when critic arises about CIS… =)

That PCmag review was wrong from the start, still that kind of false critic could not be left unanswered… =)
But I too think if it is as you say that OA is easily flooded to death then thats something they should fixed.

As flooding is not a complicated attack, and having a hole of that caliber means that the users becomes easy targets…

Have you successfully crashed CIS with a similar attack?