Empty Firewall Log

Hello people.

Comodo is working fine on my pc. Great software.
The only stange thing that i have noticed is the empty firewall log.(despite the 237 blocks i have at the moment i write this topic while using utorrent)
It is completely empty. i have searched the comodo for any option about this and i found that both firewall and proactive defence logging were enabled.
Any ideas ?

Windows xp pro sp3
kaspersky 2009
Sorry if this was posted before

Are you behind a router? If so, don’t expect to see much on your firewall log.

Yes i do use a router . When i had Comodo installed on my pc (before i format my pc) , the firewall log was not empty.Now it says it has blocked * intrusions so far and when i press to see the log is empty.

What version of CIS are you using? Did you import an old configuration from before the reinstall?

I am using the latest version of comodo. I downloaded it and reinstalled it again(i formated my pc) a couple of days ago but i have still the same problem,empty firewall logs. I am also using Kasperky 2009. I havent installed Kas. Firewall or Proactive defence. I have only the Anti malware and the Online security which includes anti-phising,anti dialer and network attack blocker.

At the time i write this post i have 27 intrusions blocks but the log is empty :o
Any idea???

I am not quite understood what part of Kaspersky you have installed.

What does the network attack blocker do? That sounds like firewall(like) behaviour. what happens when you disable it?