empty entries in the components list

Hi Guys,
Recently I uninstalled a-squared Free.
Then I visited Components List because I know that Comodo can still hold some stuff there for the removed software, like what was in its’ white list.
I was able to remove a few unneeded a2<>.dll(s). Another one to be removed was unrar.dll belonging to a-squared. I found it, removed it, and hit Refresh. unrar.dll reappeared???
After that I moved to the top of the components list and found that there are 3 empty entries(no description, no Path). It may or may not be related to a-squared uninstall.
Those entries could be sitting there silently for a while.
What could happen and what has to be done?
Thanks in advance

Hi SiberLynx.

This is an important step: the Apply button at the top right must be clicked to save the changes when you add/remove entries in the Component Monitor. As for the empty/blank entries, I (used to) have a lot of them. It just mean there’s no info that CFP can retrieve, so they may be legit files. Do a google search on them rather deleting right away.

Thanks, Soya.
Nice to meet you.
Yes I forgot about Apply. It did the trick.
In addition I don’t see those empty entries anymore.
At the same time, despite it’s too late to talk about them, how would I Google if there were noting - all columns including name were blank.
Is that any other place were I can get info on those or similar if thy appear in a future?
Thanks again

All columns had no info? :o I think this is the first I’ve seen reported about that. If you see them again, post some screenies and file a http://support.comodo.com ticket.

Believe me or not I did save the screen-shot but I wasn’t able to insert an image here it gives me just image brackets. Doing something wrong… :-[
But I’ll try send jpg as a file now
thanks, Soya
it looks like it will send the attachment … but how do one insert image?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Here’s the code for inserting images linked to another site in the middle of a post (if you want):


But uploading it like what you did is usually the preferred way as it’ll open in expanded form when clicked on.

Aha! Ok. me - silly
No comments about that picture?
Watch out! I will write another poem… (:WIN)

Perhaps Soya wants a poem… He really should’ve commented on the picture. Which I think is odd. All columns empty? Weird.


Hi Little Mac,
I’m neither complaining no demanding… just joking.
It is odd indeed. Probably the result of cleaning registry after a-squared uninstall, which I mentioned initially. Comodo was holding whit list entries strongly despite a2 was removed. I wanted really no references left at all in order to try clean reinstall.
Off topic:
I have another odd thing with a2 which always worked fine but the latest update would declare success despite the main app a2free.exe and a2service.exe left unchanged old versions. The worse thing is - as soon as computer restarted those two files happened to be removed :o
Sorry for digressing
Many odd things at the same time after long time of “peace & quiet”
Best regards

It was a disappointment that the haiku didn’t come, but I didn’t comment because I already believed you before the screenshot was posted. Hint: Whenever a mod references the support ticket to be filed, it means he has no clue on a resolution (:WIN)

If you insist…
despite you are familiar with my style of poetry from previous post and you should be aware that I prefer Tanka because 31 syllables (5 -7 -5 - 7 - 7) - that’s the way for me to express myself.
Just for you 5-7-5 it goes:

The creature still lives
Millions of moons have passed by
Soya knows the Dragon

One rule is broken though: the last line of Haiku should be a surprise line but for visitors of this forum – it is not. What can I do?


Glad you liked it.
No clapping sound though
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