Empty/blank tabs and crashing extensions


I was using the latest Dragoon version this morning (33.1) and then after a reboot it stopped working.
It starts and restores the sessions. I can see the URL in the tabs but they’re all blank.
I also get notifications that the extensions are crashing.

I started it on the command line with the flag to disable extensions without any improvement.
Even the “system” tabs like “settings” and “about” are showing the same blank content.

I deinstalled it, reinstalled, removed the user profile data (/AppData/Local/Comodo), installed an older version (33.0).
All without any improvement.

I don’t see anything obvious when I run it with logging enabled.

Dragon 33.1
Windows 7 x64 (without SP1 that doesn’t to install on my machine)
Same issue with plugins disabled and fresh install
UAC disabled
C:\ (default installation path)
Installed as a normal user with admin rights
Google Chrome isn’t installed on the machine.



Hi and welcome R4cOOn,
It might be worth trying with ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’ disabled, found under system in the advanced settings.

May I ask why SP1 doesn’t install on your system, is it just not offered or do you have other errors showing up?