Empry "old log task" ???


I have Comodo installed since 1-2 months , at the beginning there were many intrusions blocked by Firewall and D+ in the summary page displayed.
But for a long time there are no intrusions displayed in the summary. when I open the Firewall/D+ events and click on “more…” in the bottom I open the log viewer. Selecting the “tasks lunched” shows that the old log was deleted beause it reached size limit (see screenshot). I have the feeling that this happens every 5-10mins ???

Where are this tasks stored and how can they be modified/removed?

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In the GUI, you can go to More > Preferences > Logging and modify the log file size.

I am curious, where are the log files saved?
My setting in More > Preferences > Logging is to delete the file if it get biger then 200MB, but my log list is empty every time I check it. I have the feeling it gets empty every 1 hour or so. I would like how big is the log file on my system