Emisoft Mamutu free on CNET..EPIC FAIL.

:-[ As i like testing new apps and Comodo has not yet implemented a proper behavior blocker similar to Mamutu or Threatfire, i started testing Mamutu.

I downloaded some malware from the usual source, all trojans, all zero day within the last few hours.I disabled Cis and executed the malware. Well Mamutu popped up on all 4 trojans and i was given options to block, quarantine, allow.I selected block.I checked the logs to see if the blocked malware was there and yes.

I then enabled Cis, and straight away a warning popped up from Comodos Av.I then scanned with Malwarebytes and Hitman pro. They both said C…Users Downloads was infected with the same Malware 2 items.

I Then removed the malware via Malwarebytes…re scanned with the usual and Comodo, and no Malware.

The facts are 4 malware executed 4 claimed as being blocked, 2 slipped through…50% sucsess rate.

Comodos Av picked up all 4 trojans which were all within the last 3 hours using medium heuristic and Cloud scanner enabled.Well done Comodo goodbye Mamutu.

Edit…Mamutu was set on Paranoid to give it the best chance of catching malware, but identified every and i mean every safe app as potentially malware, not much whitelisting going on there!!.


just to be fair, block means block, not delete or quarantine. When you hit block it stops access to the file but the file is still there, try hitting quarantine or delete next time and you will see there will be nothing left.

You’re the EPIC FAIL dave1234, You don’t even understand what block means, >:-D

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As LanGuy Suggested; Block means block, not remove/quarantine

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