EMET alongside CIS ???

Hi All,
Recently heard about EMET (Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit) by Microsoft.
I want to know that can EMET be used alongside CIS. If yes, does using it tightens up my PC security ? How to configure EMET for maximum security will be highly appreciated.


this has been the first what i found about it in the internet:

“The installation package for EMET includes a detailed user guide. Please be sure to read the guide before using the tool.”

Yes, it can. There were found no side effects of CIS-EMET interaction. Though it can be some issues with other progs.

IMHO yes.

The best advice is to increase checking in the protection levels in EMET gradually: some your progs can dislike it.

If your hardware allows DEP then the best thing is to switch it on for all progs through the comp.

CIS doesn’t appear to be compatible with EMET 3.5 TP when you turn on a ROP feature (which is new in 3.5). With this turned on, when you close IE9, Firefox, Windows Mail or Windows Word, the app appears to close but it is still running in Task Manager and the CPU usage increases to a full core usage once you close the app ie on a dual core CPU, the app uses 50%, on a six core CPU, usage increases to 17%. With ROP turned off, the app will close completely and stops using the CPU