EMET 5.1 with CIS 8?

Are there any problems or performance issues running the latest versions of EMET 5.1 with Comodo Internet Security 8?
I don’t have any experience with CIS but I’ve done some searches here and on Google. I came across some older postings on prior versions of EMET slowing systems down with older versions of CIS.
There were no real followups or solutions given either.
How compatible is EMET 5.1 with CIS 8 today? :azn:

Thank you kindly,

Well I just wanted to report back after receiving no community feedback that EMET 5.1 indeed works very well with the latest version of Comodo Internet Security 8.
Hope this helps anyone out in the future who may have the same concerns.

Have a great day everyone, :slight_smile:

Thank you for reporting back your findings. I always wonder whether it may work or not after it did something weird and messed up my Win 7 installation.

No problem! :smiley:
I’ve used EMET for quite a long time. Since it’s very first version public release.
EMET has come a long way and appears to work well alongside the latest version of Comodo Internet Security.

Thank you. May be one day I will actually try it.