Emergency mode?

When does emergency mode activate as I test my firewall at grc.com and it blocks everything (ie logs policy violations) and switches to emergency mode yet other testing sites say I’ve passed but it doesn’t activate emergency mode why is this???

What CFP sees from GRC (a web side scan) depends on what hardware you have. If you have a router or some other such kit with a hardware firewall (very good at detecting & dropping unsolicited packets), then CFP probably didn’t really see much of anything at all (if anything). Check CFPs Log (Activity tab) to see what CFP saw.

No I just have ADSL modem and Comodo, also it was GRC.com that switched my firewall to emergency mode yet the other website did similar tests and blocked everything yet that didn’t trigger emergency mode what makes one trigger it but not the other (My firewall is secure on both sites, so its not a question of security gaps just a query)

Sometimes I experience the same. It could be that GRC’s port scanning rates are faster than the others and it trigger CFP’s Advanced Attack & Prevention module. Open that setting up and see for yourself what they are.


i didnt the comodo link tests, due if need download too proove me, hmm, and the fact i might need search the downloaded file on my hd, nah, i have some other do in real life, i dont jump a file.

is that download avail to execute remote on comodo server attack me?

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