Emergencial uninstallation of Comodo Firewall 3 (missing from Add/Remove progra)


I tried updating Comodo Firewall 3 to the latest version on my Windows Vista but the update botched. Now, I can neither update nor deinstall comodo.

The uninstall entry is missing from Add/Remove Programs. The uninstall link from the Comodo “All Programs” folder is not working. How can I uninstall Comodo Firewall on such a situation so that I can proceed with the a fresh install?

Trying to re-install is impossible since the installer detects that Comodo is already installed.



Thanks for the link, Vistas security still reports the existance of Comodo when it is no longer on my hard drive, hopefully the advice from your link will do the trick.

Security Center is a different problem. You need to stop the WMI service then go into C/Windows/System32/Wbem and delete the repository folder. Reboot.

Following the guide


is problematic for me. There is no uninstall option available. I do not have an entry on Add/Remove Programs. And, the uninstall link on the Comodo Folder does not work.

How should I proceed?

Thanks for your advice, along with tips from another member, the problem has been resolved.

Cheers :■■■■

What part of the guide is causing problems for you? Removal of regisry entries?

If all of the uninstall options are missing (including the one in the CFP folder and in “Add/Remove Programs”), then you will need to manually remove the items specified in the guide. However, it is strongly recommended that you run the batch file first (found toward the end of the guide) before attempting to edit the registry yourself.

Since you’re using Vista, you’ll need to run cmd.exe (or the batch file) as an admin to be able to stop the WMI service (and possible delete some registry keys?).
(At least I think it was cmd.exe you had to run as an admin ;D)