Embedded video playback problem

I have a strange problem/bug in new version of Comodo Dragon, Youtube video is not loading and playing, if it’s embedded in page, but playing ok on YouTube site itself. Flash installed ok, no errors at all, other (not youtube) videos are playing well, embedded or not. Troubles only with embedded youtube videos. All content options in CD are set in default (so there is not any restrictions for content except popups).
Anybody have this problem too?

Seems ok here. Are there any specific sites I can try?

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Try http://tombraider.tumblr.com/, it’s Official TombRaider page.

Unfortunately, the videos also play correctly on that site too. Have you made any changes to the configuration?

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No, and this is strange. All defaults. And one more little detail: IE playing those videos great, embedded or not, youtube or not. Only CD have a problem.

Do you have Comodo DNS enabled in Dragon?

Yes, it’s enabled.

Try without…

Already tryed, nothing. Just reinstalled CD - same thing…
Really don’t know, what happened.
All works perfect, except only one - playing embedded youtube videos.

Same here, with CD Embeded YouTube doesn’t work.

Here are 2 sites (wordpress blogs):

However, here it works:


Hi lotus,
There is currently some issues between Dragon and the Flash plugin.
Using PepperFlash is the only reliable workaround.
See here and here.

Let us hope this is resolved in the near future.