Emails antivirus protection

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Does Comodo Internet Security prevent - that means: detect and quartinize and/or notify - when any virus comes through an incoming email?

  • IF NOT, HOW can I have this protection?
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    Dalton (digilson)

Dear Sirs

May I kindly ask You to answer to this topic?, because of my previous bad experience with viruses!

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Hi digilson,
The FAQ by Ronny found here should shed some light on this matter.
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Intelligently, CIS does not act over the (malicious) email itself, but over its consequences, for the whole computer!

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On the other hand, for protection incomings emails themselves, I found, am using and recommend the lightweight and very, very nice (free for personal use) “SpamTerrier”!

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You are welcome and thanks for your recommendation.
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If you TRULY want to protect your mailboxes from malicious (viruses and spam) incoming emails, you should take a look at Comodo Antispam Gateway. You will find that Comodo Antispam Gateway is very modest with its pricing.

My personal opinion is that personal antispams installed locally in the PC are a waste of resources and of time. Because the spam/virus will always reach your mailbox. With Comodo Antispam Gateway, the malicious incoming mails will not reach your mailbox. Thats what we all are looking for, arent we?

Thank You for your suggestion. I’ll consider it!

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