someone from avast send me a email that have malware


U have recieved a warning…

Stop trolling over forums…

Until and unless u stop trolling…i will continue to spam your email account

then that person told me to download and run the attachment i sent to u via e-mail please and then u will know who i am

anyway comodo and esst found that attachment as malware VirusTotal

Why do you think someone from Avast sent you that email? And considering that you do think that, why are you posting it here (Comodo’s forums)?

Also, if ESET is right and it’s ACAD/Medre.A… then that’s industrial espionage stuff. I guess you’d probably need AutoCAD for it to impact you. Submit it to FVS and assign it to one of Comodo’s Analysts to have a look at.

BTW, probably a bit late now, but you should consider making you’re email address private in your profile(s) and stop posting it in messages.

the FVS said it was a 99.9% malware Probability of Advanced Heuristics

because there is one user who calls me a troll most the time and it is malwarekiller

That doesn’t answer my questions.

However considering what you’ve just posted, then surely you must realise that your topic is, effectively, flamebait (ie. trolling) and that is against the forums policy. Which considering your “issue” here is somewhat ironic… if you see what I mean?

In any event, it’s time to stop now. Any more of this will just get you banned. OK?

If you have issues with Avast, take it up with them!
Don’t come here whining.

Also, I’m going to move this topic back to the General board… it shouldn’t be here. It was believed that you had an infection of some sort, which you don’t.

i did that and they baned me, call me names and bulled me

i though flame baiting was egging someone on. look im autistic and i don’t want trouble

You are.
Just as we can and are on other forums so too are they on this one.

um you guys are making me scared

that attachment had malware in it you have to believe me i did what you said

I see you don’t want to stop… tell me exactly what the purpose of this topic is?

PS Please stop with the Report to Moderator alerts. Any further such alerts raised against the same post will be considered abuse & dealt with accordingly. No more warnings. If you’re unhappy with the way that topic was handled, then please refer to How to appeal against Moderators decisions.

that someone send me a email that not only he threating me with spam and sent me an attachment that had malware in it

is that want you what to know what the purpose of this topic is or do i need to go into more detail

Whatever issues you have with the Avast forums is not something we are going to involve us with. We are not the place to be judge in a dispute between you and a third party.

And excuse me for stating the obvious. Don’t open attachments of emails from people you don’t know or otherwise don’t trust.

What Kail was asking was, why did you post about it here? What purpose was it supposed to serve?

And most importantly, what are we supposed to do about it? We have absolutely no control over who sends you email.

Since we are unsure what your goal behind posting this thread was, we’re trying to decide how to proceed. You must understand that to us, your post looks like it is either Spam, or a trolling attempt.

It definitely appears that you are trying to drag a conspiracy theory over from the Avast forum to this one, and that is not going to be allowed.

If you have some sort of proof that someone at Avast sent you the malware, I strongly suggest contacting them and leave this forum out of it, for your own good.

Continued behavior such as this will only gain you a ban on this forum. Please proceed with caution.

i know that but i wanted to cheek it on vt to see if any avs find it

i did let the person know that i was getting the Internet police in this if he didn’t stop and he email though me in where you can put out your email address in user info

my goal here of posting this thread was that malwarekiller sent a email to that he threating me with spaming my email and send me a malware file.look if i have to i get my mom in this so she explain to you what happen.

is that want you what to know what the purpose of this topic is or do i need to go into more detail

if you want his email address i put here