in the firewall part i marked thunderbird as email but when i reopen it the firewall alert box pops up saying thundrbird wants to connect and email selection is not there,is this normal?

What type of a connection does thunderbird want to make? The default CFP3 email rules are in error and do not allow http connections, which are used in some email. See modified email client rules attached.

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When the Thunderbirds starts, it displays the welcome page, which it loads from (TCP request on port 80). Since this kind of traffic is not alowed in the default Email client policy, the Comodo ask what to do. If you allow and remember the rule, the default policy is no longer applied, but the rules remain intact (with the additional one you created).

hey thanks,that was it when thunderbird starts it goes to the start(welcome)page,so i uncheck that option in thunderbird and it stays listed as email client in cfp 3.

You don’t have to turn off the Welcome page if you don’t want to.

The IP address it connects to is, so you can add a rule for the Thunderbird to allow out TCP or UDP to that address, on destination port 80.

Just in case if thunderbird sometimes use an alternative address, or change it in the future, I allowed connection to the IP mask ( /