email: Why does CAVS allways ask for permission when sending email (incredimail)

Each time I send an email from my email-program: Incredimail (, CAVS shows a mass-mail-warning, and ask if it’s ok to let incredimail send an email. Where can I tell CAVS that it’s allways ok when Incredimail sends emails?

Umm, if CAVS is showing you a mass-mailing warning, have you checked those settings? Can you verify how many emails are going out; how many connections Incredimail is establishing?

If you have email scanning turned on (which is probably a good thing) and mass-mail check (another good thing to prevent certain worms), there are not any Exclusions available there. You could try Excluding the incredimail executable in the On-Access and/or On-Demand scanner, but I don’t think that will work in this scenario.

My question would be in determining why CAVS is warning you this way. I’ve never seen a mass-mail popup from CAVS, myself…


PS: Welcome to the forums, in case no one has done so already!

Hi, even if I only send 1 email to 1 email-adr, i get the message-window (see attachemt)
In CAVS settings → E-mail Scan → Advanced → “stop unwanted mass mailers” I have checked “Allert me if any application is trying to send e-mail without my interaction” and in the 2 other “allert me…” boxes as well.

But I allways get the mass-mailer-windows right after pressing send in Incredimail, so it is with my interaction. But I don’t like to un-check the “allert me if any application is trying…” if I can avoid it.

Plz help…

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I notice this is coming from the E:\ drive.

This is where Incredimail is installed?

Is the OS also on E:\ ?
Is CAVS on E:\ ?


yeps, all is installed on the e drive, should that matter?
With norton and mcafee this has not been a problem, it was first when I shifted to Comodo I got this problem!
Any idea?

I think there’s been an issue with CAVS not functioning properly anywhere except when installed on C:.…

It can scan other drives, from C:\ but can’t seem to be installed there. Let me see if I can confirm that; it’s been a while since I heard anything along those lines.


I can scan any drive or any folder on any drive without problem, even though it’s installed on e-drive. And as far as I can see everything else is working perfectly also in the firewall, and the verification engine. I have had no other problems with any of the comodo programs, and I have been using them all for about 3-4 months, and I believe the problem with the mass-mail-allert has been there since I installed it.
Could it have anything to do with: Incredimail not beeing a standard/reconigsed e-mail program? (as outlook and outlook express)

Possibly. But as long as Incredimail uses the standard POP & SMTP ports (25, 110) it should be fine, I would think. Maybe not, for some reason.


yeps, and it uses the ports you mentioned, have just checked.

I have confirmed that CAVS has a history of not wanting to be installed on any drive other than the default c:; not sure if this is still the case or not.

Unable to confirm any known issues with Incredimail.

Am attempting to get more info.


I have 2 windows xp installed om my hdd’s.
The first which is installed on one hdd which is split up in 2 partitions c: (small partition only for booting) and d: (the drive where the first winxp system is installed. This WinXP system I only have as a backup if my primary winxp shuld fail in the future).
The second WinXp (the one that I primarly use) is on the second hdd which is the e: drive. This is the system drive where both winXp and all programs is installed on.
So the default system-drive is e: (in my primary WinXP system) and maybe thats why i have no problems with any comodo product except for this mass-email-allert, and if I chose ok in the window, then the email is send corectly.


I have received info from the lead developer regarding this situation.

The first is confirmation that the former issues with CAVS not installing properly on any drive except c:\ has indeed been resolved; we are not looking at that issue here.

The second is

Regarding issue 2nd, it’s the behavior of Incredimail which is a problem, IncMail.exe and is using a seperate exe i.e. IMApp.exe for sending the emails. So email scanner is alerting for IMApp.exe, if you have a look at e-mail settings, i.e. 'Settings->E-mail Scan->Advanced", under 'Enable mass mailer worm detection section there is option ‘Alert me if any application is trying to send e-mail without my interaction’, if user can disable this for Incredimail, there won’t be mass-mailer alert.

Hope that will help with the mass-mailing alert. Please let me know…


Hi Little Mac

First of all: thx for your help in this case.
Second it helps to disable “Alert me if any application is…”, now it does not give the mass-mail-alert-window, but downside of disabling it for “any application” is that if any other application is trying to mass-mail, then I would not get the warning for this app either :frowning: . It can’t be disabled for just incredimail as far as I understand it.

Thx for the help so far. Only the developers will have the opportunity to more about it.

True, I’m not sure how you would disable that just for Incredimail. You can, however, probably keep the other two boxes checked, so that you will be alerted if the mailing frequency threshold is crossed; this would still apply to any application.

At least we know that the developers are aware of the issue. Hopefully they will be able to address/fix it in the future.

And, with On-Access scanner on, if something does slip by the email module, it should still be caught.