Email sending links to dangerous web sites

I have a couple of email contacts who are sending me links to dangerous web sites without their knowledge. It’s very likely that their email accounts have been infected by clicking to similar links from emails they themselves have received. But is it a malware infection? Or were their email accounts hacked? And how should they fix this problem?

These are some of the links they send.

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I’m not an AV expert myself (you’ll probably need to wait for them), however I would suspect that a system infection is clearly possible (especially if your friends cannot confirm or deny if they sent the emails). Changing their email account passwords might help, but only if their systems are not already compromised (then it would probably not help much).

PS Posting the full headers of one of these emails would probably be helpful.
PPS Don’t forget to mask/change any email addresses. :)

I would suspect that kail is right.

This is probably caused by an infection on their computer. Have them change the passwords on their email accounts and see if this fixes the problem. If it doesn’t then their computer is probably infected.

This topic may then be of use.

Let us know if you need any more help.