Email scanning

Help please! I just started using Comodo AV and can set it up fairly well. However the email scanning seems to have a problem. I have both incoming and outgoing email checked to scan. I also have display animated icon for incoming and progress indicator for outgoing checked. On the advanced tab I also have both certify incoming and outgoing mail checked. On incoming mail I see the icon scanning and after downloaded the certify is added. However on all outgoing mail, I see no progress indicator and get no certification after it is sent. It’s as if outgoing email is not being scanned. If somebody can help me with this problem, it would be appreciated.

After numerous tests, I still can’t get outgoing email to be scanned, no outgoing email progress window, and no outgoing email certification added. Incoming works exactly as it should, but not on outgoing email. I have had no responses as to why this is happening and what a possible fix would be? I have tested with both of my email programs, Netscape mail and Outlook Express. It’s the same with both, ok for inbound, but nothing for outbound. Does anybody have this feature working on their Comodo, or am I the only one? Hope to hear something from someone? Thanks!

CAVS 2 Beta does have some small bugs which aren’t going to be fixed as we will be seeing the Beta of CAVS 3 coming out between Now and the end of June. It will be coming out as a Stand Alone product as well as an Internet Security Product (Integrated with CPF 3). Your emails are being scanned have you tried sending yourself or someone else an email? Do you have any screenshots of your incoming/outgoing settings?


Thanks Eric, at least I got one response! I’d really like to know though if “anybody” has their outgoing emails scanned, progress indicator, and added certify as shown in the help files? No real need for my settings, as I have all the settings on CAVS to include outgoing email scanning, showing the outgoing progress indicator, and adding certify to outgoing emails ticked. In fact I have then all ticked for both incoming and outgoing. The incoming works exactly as it should, but the outgoing does nothing. I’ve sent to myself from each of my email programs (Outlook Express & Netscape mail), plus I’ve sent to a Yahoo account I have. Always the same, no scan or anything on outgoing email. It’s starting to get frustrating and I don’t know if it’s a problem just on my machine or is it the same for everybody?

I did some testing on my machine having recently reinstalled CAVS 2 and foud that when I was sending messages to other people the message would be authenticated with the attachment to the message but when I sent it to myself I didn’t see a note attached or any certification that CAVS had checked my outgoing email. I do however, think that it is scanning the outgoing messages though I’ll have to do more tests to determine the cause of the inconsistancy.