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I would like to know if you are going to incorporate an email scanner into your Internet Security,I know there is realtime protection but it makes people feel safer if they get an email that they can see has been scanned by showing notification at the bottom of the email. e.g. This email is virus free scanned by Comodo Antivirus. The way the beta version of Comodo Antivirus did.


Evening (:WAV)

No it does not
Comodo’s philosophy here is that malware has to hit the memory or the hard drive to get activated. And those 2 parts are scanned. Al other “scanners” won’t add anything to your protection level(s).

So for example if you receive an email with an infected attachment you won’t get an alert, if you try to open/save it you will. This reduces resources and yet makes CIS a very fast, light & powerful Suite.

So Question To You Is Why Add A Bloat Feature While You Already Have A Completely Safe Computer?
Also, Do Your Recipients Not “Trust” You?

Prevention - Defense/Firewall
Detection - Antivirus/spyware/malware (AVSM)
Cure - CSC/Back Up


But isn’t it good to scan outgoing mail so that viruses are not sent out?

Yes, and i think “Comodo’s philosophy” is not taking in considerations, others protection here…

Comodo could use an email scanner, but the On-Acess protection technically would catch any attachments before they executed.

But what if your system is just a pass-through? An infected file could unknowingly get sent out

Protect yourself first… :wink:
But I agree :-TU this could be something to consider for future versions.

Doesn’t make sense. Assuming (in theory) that Comodo catches 100% of malware, and anything executed or placed into memory is scanned and detected… your PC is 100% safe from infection. This debate is whether Comodo should not only protect the computer it’s been installed on, but the computers it interacts with… ???

In my opinion, if those computers do not have Comodo installed they’re on their own. This is plain old bloatware and if you want to make sure a file is safe, scan it before you attach it.

Agreed. Scanning outbound email is completely useless. Seriously, why are you sending files along that you don’t know are safe??

It’s all about folks’ habits and percentages. Most users I know just forward mail casually, they think their virus system somehow magically screened their stuff. If you say POP or SMTP or whatever, that’s getting techy. If there were an automatic email scanner, then overall fewer bad things would be spread. My 2 cents…

Agree with that, but my point is still… so what if the user forwards them along. The attachment is sitting in the inbox not harming anyone. The problem for the end-user only occurs when the attachment (or email) is actually opened, which is what Comodo protects.

In some cases the email provider scans all files when they’re sent… so why should Comodo do it again?

If Comodo does trigger at the moment an infected attachment (or whatever) is enabled, I guess the only concern would be if the infected file can somehow get around comodo (somehow), versus comodo doing the scan up front, another 2 cents…

A very hypothetical situation.
Plus, that’s the whole point of layered protection. If the AV misses it, D+ is there.


2 areas where malware can hide…

on the Hard disk and RAM…

On access checks anything being pulled from HD etc. so if you somehow do have a malware sitting on your HD that nothing has scanned before and you are going to email it, then it means you have extract/read it from the h/d… then CIS will pounce on it. This pretty much covers huge majority of issues… the rest of the issues will be answered with the memory scanner in CIS 3.9 due out //____ (fill the blank :slight_smile: ).

As to putting a text on the email for the recipient: the recipient has no way of verifying that text was added legitimately or not. Hence has no value and sometimes this causes mistrust and creates false sense of security. But a great way to get one’s brand accross.



Excellent points Melih, especailly about the email text.

3/22/2009? ;D

I’d like to see CIS 3.9 Friday April 24th/09
Can do Melih?
Thanks in advance
Xman (:CLP) (:KWL) Cheers

Okay, thanks for all the good points, much appreciated