Email scanner crashes with Poptray

Hey all, 1st post.

Anyone using Poptray? (Its a pop email notifier program).

You can use this program to check emails periodically, and it also lets u preview emails that u get, before u open them. And it also lets u blacklist / whitelist isps / domains.

Everytime, Poptray checks email (every 30 mins), Comodo AV’s email scanner starts, but before it finishes scanning incoming emails, it crashes.

I have disabled incoming and outgoing scanning for now. Anyone have any idea how to fix this (besides disabling incoming and outgoing email scanning)?

BUT, besides this, its a pretty good program, for a free program.

Dont worry, I’ve removed the AV for now. The firewall is still installed.

And I’ve installed Avast! Pro for the time being.

The problem with Poptray and CAV combination is being detected. You will get it through updates soon.

Cheers for the update Kishork. :slight_smile:

This bug is fixed in CAV Beta 1.1. Any one tested it.