Email proxy server...problem, closes

Hi. I am new to Comodo. I have installed the firewall and antivirus. (I had Kerio & AVG…paid versions.) Thought I would try something new, and heard good things about the firewall, so I’m testing them out.

I keep encountering problems when checking email with Eudora. First, I kept getting the same warning messages, over and over, even though I checked to remember my answer (something about Eudora being a server and using another program). The program downloaded an update that I’m hoping will fix that. Still trying to find out.

Now, the biggest problem with CAV is that it keeps popping up an error that says “Comodo Email Proxy Server has encountered a problem and needs to close…” (jpg attached) You hit okay, and it closes the popup. Eudora then can’t download emails it was trying to download. Eudora acts really slow and it acts like it’s going to lock up. It never does download the emails. I have CAV set not to scan outgoing email and turned off the mass mailer option. I also use Thunderbird for internet accounts, and it seemed to work better with it. I don’t have that much email coming through in Thunderbird, so it’s not a good test.

As I was typing this message, I had Eudora trying to check email, and I got another error popup! Some kind of buffer overrun. I’ve attached a jpg.

It is making checking for email for laborous. I finally uncheck incoming email so that Eudora can download my email.

Also, it is always downloading updates! (even though I have it set to check every 24 hrs.) And, there is no text at the bottom of the email saying it’s been checked. If it’s this problematic, I might have to go back to AVG. Does AVG work with Comodo firewall??

Thanks for your help. It appears many people on these forums are quite helpful, so thanks in advance for any help.

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Hey Lani,

Firstly, welcome to the forums.

What version of Comodo Personal Firewall (CPF) are you running? There was an update issued this morning (Australian time) to version 2.1.1 that seems to have fixed the pop-ups problem. RAM usage is waaaay better in the latest release as well and performance is markedly improved.

Email scanning can be a bit of a pain in the proverbial. It supposed to be fixed with AVG, but there are still a few reports of issues with it. Comodo Anti Virus (CAV) also has problem if checking multiple accounts in Thunderbird (at least it does on my test box). Please send an email (if you can, that is :wink: ) to Their tech support guys are really, really good. Include screen shots of the error messages you’re getting and also include any technical detials of your system that you think might help (total RAM, available RAM, other security software (including stuff recently removed), email application versions, O/S versions wirth service pack levels etc.).

The better the picture of your landscape that you can paint for the support guys, the easier it is for them to work out what’s gone wrong and fix it.

Hope this helps and again, welcome to the circus. It’s worth perservering, the firewall alone is brilliant, the backup application is superb (even works with CD-R as opposed to just CD-RW!!!) and the AV shows enormous potential. The other users on the forums have got a great deal of knowledge and are only too willing to help.

Hope all this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: