EMail Ports 25 (SMTP) and 995 (POP3)

Have 2 email accounts.
One has ports 25 and 110 and does not require secure connection (SSL)

The other has ports 25 and 995 and does require secure conection (SSL)

First works fine with CAVS and can see both incoming and outgoing email certifed.

Second does not work.

Any fixes available or does CAV only work with ports 25 and 110 not secure?

Virus scanners do not work with encrypted email. If you encrypt the link in your email client or at the email server so no one else can read it, then the scanners can’t read it either. There are work arounds that use an external encryption/decryption program that runs outside of your client, but I have never set one up with CAVS-I use Avast! with secure email and a proxy program called stunnel. You can look on the forum to references to “stunnel” or “secure email” or “SSL” to see if other users have set up secure email workarounds for CAVS. Don’t know what the plans are for CAVS3.