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Hi guys

This is concerning the latest beta-

Can you please tell me why the email notification is back as an attachment and not in the body of the email. This is a real pain cause I get alot of email from customers with attachements and the last thing I want to do is to open email to see what attachements are associated with it and then find out that it is CAVS notification. At one stage this problem was fixed and now it is back again. I’m sure all the other avid CAVS users would agree with me so pleeeeeease put it back into the body and not as an attachement.

shadha :-[

Hi Guys
Does anyone want to respond to this posting.

Hi Shadha,

Sorry no one has replied to you yet. Unfortunatly I don’t know the answer to this, but someone should be able to help you soon.


hey mike6688
Im as happy as a pig in mud that i at least got a reply. Hopefully one of the techs will reply with an answer as well.
Thanks again

Hi Shadha,
This was replied to you on mail. But again I am replying here so that others can also know it.

There is something irregularity in following the RFC’s of SMTP and POP3 among emial clients. We had checked with outlook express and MS outlook 2002, where the code works fine. But it fails for thunderbird and MS outlook 2003, which is not yet concentrated completely to fix. We will do it later, until then pls bear with us.