Email notification (Error - Copying of file....)

I use CB and check this by email. Unfortunatly all emails fron the software have the same text:

Backup “Drive_D” completed successfully.
Compared 16387 files, 1183 folders.
Copied 164 files.
Error - Copying of file D:\Backup_Data\Bdienst\2007\preferences.js
Error - Copying of file D:\Backup_Data\Certificaten\Certificaten\ALBUM.DBF
Error - Copying of file D:\Backup_Data\Certificaten\Certificaten\ALBUM0.CDX
Error - Copying of file D:\Backup_Data\Certificaten\Certificaten\ARTIST.DBF
Error - Copying of file D:\Backup_Data\Certificaten\Certificaten\ARTIST0.CDX
Error - Copying of file D:\Backup_Data\Certificaten\Certificaten\ARTIST1.CDX
Error - Copying of file D:\Backup_Data\Certificaten\Certificaten\ARTIST2.CDX

What do I do wrong?



I’d think you, when the backup was run, you had an application open that was included in the backup task, as all the error messages seem to be related.

Can you please try re-running the same backup tasks, but ensure that any and all applications are closed.

Most simple backup apps don’t handle open files very well, and even the enterprise versions require an open file agent or similar daemon to be running.

Letus know how this works out.

Ewen :slight_smile:

But all errors are from files that do not run in a program

Agree, but all of them appear to relate to music albums. If you had a media player open at the time of the backup with a playlist containing albums that utilised these files (i.e. artist and album listings, pix etc.) then these files would be “open” and may not be able to be backed up.

As a clearer example, if I have a document open in Word and run a backup that would attempt to include the folder that the document was opened out of, the document backup would fail as it was “open”. Documents don’t run, but they can be “open” or locked by an application that can “run”.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:


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