Email not automativcally downoaded

Win XP Pro SP3
Commodo 3.12.111745.560 – Use Firewall only
Avast free AntiVirus
Ad-Aware security in background,Defense+ turned off.)

TB is in my startup folder, and I have it set to download email automatically. Since installing Comodo, with full permissions for TB, I get an error message “Could not connect to” in TB upon starting. But when I click “Get Mail,” it comes right in. I did not have this problem with ZoneAlarm, and it has appeared only since installing Comodo.

Could you try to remove TB from your startup and start it manually after a minute or so? I am just wondering if CIS takes a bit time to load the rules.


It works that way. I have a utility called Startup Delayer. I can set TB to start a bit later. Many thanks.