email links create problem loading page

I’m having real troubles with browsers and links. So many variations that I haven’t yet figured out what causes constant Problem loading page errors. Firefox is my default browser, however page wont load also occurs with IE7.

After new boot, I can usually use browser. I can click on links and new pages open.

However, I have identified one situation which always causes browser pages to no longer open.

If I start my email program (Outlook Express) and then try a link within an email. That always results in Problem loading page and from then on Firefox can’t load new pages. Even a previously opened page, if I click on a link, it results in Problem loading page.

I have made firefox.exe a trusted application. However, when I click on an email link, it is as if I’m no longer using Firefox, but its the email application which is running the browser and its not allowed.

This is becoming highly frustrating. I really appreciate some of the functions found in Comodo Firewall, but it is ending up being one of the more complicated programs I’ve ever used.

Are you using the Comodo ruleset for email client? The rule to allow you to load http pages from your email client is missing. Go to firewall/advanced/Predefined Firewall Policies and edit “Email Client” to add Allow/TCP/OUT/any/any/any/HTTP Ports. Don’t know why firefox has other problems, but we can look further into your rules, insert some logging, and see what else needs to be done. Are you using Avast! or similar virus scanning program?

Thanks for your prompt reply.

I made suggested changes to email client rules. Still cannot load a webpage from a link within an email.

Furthermore, once the “Problem loading page” appears, I can never get a web page to load within that TAB of the browser, or any new browser tab. For example, I will try to make a google search but “problem loading page” results. Or I will try to load a save page from Bookmarks (Favorites) - same result. I even go to my offline homepage and try to click on web links on it and still the result is Problem loading page.

How can I respond here? Because this TAB of the browser was opened through Firefox desktop shortcut, prior to starting email and trying a link within a received email. Link attempts to open in new Tab with resulting Problem Loading Page.

And once the problem loading page has begun, if I again click on Firefox shortcut again to open browser in a new Tab, that too will always result in Problem loading page.

Similarly, once the Problem loading page has started in Firefox, even if I click on IE desktop shortcut, what results is “cannot display webpage”.

i tried sded’s additional rule and email links work quite nicely.
if your links are still not working, perhaps the problem is something other than comodo.
a couple years back i had this exact problem. i could not open my browser using a link within an email message. unfortunately, i don’t remember the specific fix. but, i do remember it had something to do with the “mailto” protocol. just a thought. you might wan to google for other ideas.
i suppose one way to isolate and verify if the problem is comodo related is to completely exit comodo and see if your link works.

Add a “block all and log” rule at the end of your ruleset so we can see what is missing. Are you using My email client and web browser rulesets are attached. You need to move the “ask all remaining requests” to the bottom-nothing after it gets executed. The rules are executed top to bottom, and once one is found that applies, the rest are ignored.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I’m using - just downloaded it yesterday (I assumed it is most current?)

I can’t seem to add the same email client rulesets which you have. ???

When I click on Predefined Firewall Policies, it shows the index. I highlight Email client and click Edit.

I can not find the options for Access to Loopback Zone, Outgoing HTTP Requests, or Block and Log in the Edit section.

Yes, going through Copy From / Predefined Security Policies of other rulesets, such as the Browser, I can find them. However, I can’t seem to add single ones from other applications into the Email client.

Again, if I click on Add, those options are not available, except in Copy From. However, I can’t seem to add them. They entirely replace what is the existing Email rulesets (some of which I want, such as POP3 and DNS requests) rather than add a new ruleset to the already existing ones within Email client.

You should go to and download the latest release (yesterday :slight_smile: ) so we can work from the same version. Uninstall the old one, boot, reinstall the new one, boot again. But in general, you need to remember to move the new rules above the final rule. Don’t know of any way to add them automatically, but we can go through the individual fields if necessary. The new release has upgraded rulesets, but you will still need to add the http rule I mentioned earlier manually. Sorry it’s a little confusing at first, but a little practice will make it a lot more comfortable when you need to add/modify rulesets. :slight_smile:

Okie dokie… I will get the latest version Alas, I live far in the woods where only 28 kbps dialup internet service is available so it will take me some 5 hours to download. I’ll do that over night.

So, I won’t be back with any more replies until tomorrow.

In the meantime, I will uninstall current version of Comodo.

btw, I forgot to answer previous that I am using avast! anti-virus.

also, I read that when Comodo firewall installs it turns off Windows Firewall by default. That did NOT happen in my case. After install, I checked my Security Center / Windows Firewall and it said that two firewalls were operating which is problematic. So I manually unclicked Windows Firewall and then it said I was using Comodo Firewall Pro correctly.

I will turn off Windows Firewall (as well as avast!) prior to installing Comodo tomorrow.

Thanks again for your assistance. 8)

Windows firewall is apparently still left as an exercise to the user to turn off. This Comodo upgrade really fixed a lot of things for most people, so is worth the effort-it is not just cosmetic. I am also an avast! users, so am familiar with how to integrate the two, as are many others on the forum. Another thing you should look at in your spare download time :wink: is a program called Free Download Manager (Lite) if you don’t already have a download accelerator. Really speeds things up, helps recover from dropouts, … And really is free.