Email links blocked


First time on this forum. Just installed Comodo a few days ago and so far I’m impressed. One thing I have noticed is that it seems to be blocking the ability to click on links in emails. I’m using Outlook 2000 and my default browser is Slimbrowser. I don’t get a pop-up, the links are just disabled. I can copy and paste the links, or I can disable Comodo, but I haven’t found the setting to fix this. Any suggestions?



By disabled, do you mean unclickable or you can click but nothing happens? When you close CPF, do they work?


I can click on them and a browser window opens, but the site never opens. If I shut off Comodo, the links work. If I paste the same links into the browser, they work (so the sites themselves are not being blocked).

Update! I just checked this problem, and it has vanished. The email links work again.

However, I am seeing the problem that some others are having, where Comodo seems to forget some of the previously allowed actions.