Email is incorrect message during install

 When I install Comodo dragon and fill the email portion. A message saying    incorrect email     prevents me from entering the email address.   I have other free Comodo products and my email address works for them. Though I havent recieved any emaiils yet that  I can think of.  A year or so back I had CIS unistalled and might have canceled recieving newsletters at that time. 
  I hope the problem isn't that someone else is using CD with my email adress.
  As of 3/20/11  the problem happened on a reinstalll. About my 3rd in a month (due to full OS reinstalls after testing to many beta products).
               Thanks for any help,

Hi Jimmmy and welcome. You can only sign up once with one e-mail ad (Regardless of which Comodo product). Signing for news e-mails in a Comodo product is for General Comodo newsletters not specific to that individual product. If already signed up e-mail rejection could happen. Also I am signed up for newsletters, and I don’t remember the last one I received (It is a long time back for sure). Hope this helps Kind regards.

         The Time machine and System cleaner as well as Programs manager allowed my to enter my email address in about a 2 day period.   CD is the only app that does't. 
         Its nice to know I'm not missing the newsletter.  Thankyou for telling me about that. The lifetime registration of the product is another concern about why it won't accept my email.
                                        Thanks again.

Hi again Jimmmy. The lifetime registration is activated regardless of e-mail please note in step 6 of next link that product activation and newsletters are in same step, but they are seperate items. Hope this makes sense.
You could possibly activated for newsletter more than once during a short period due to the sign up not being completed on Comodos end. I was not aware of Time machine having this option for newsletters. These links may be of some assistance
Hope this makes sense. Kind regards.
Edit- E-mail ID is optional and no part of activation. Maybe it should be put into a seperate step and screen.