Email fails with "An error occured" but no log

When I setup the email notification, I click the test button and Comodo backup version 3 displays an error within the Comodo window just saying “An error occured” with a red X next to it.

The manual says that a log is displayed but I canno tsee any log - can anyone tell me where the log is kept?

I feel certain that I have set all the SMTP settings correctly, we run a local email server and I am using that to send an email from my own email address to my own email address, so I am sure I got the username and password correct - I take it those are the SMTP outgoing email username & password, rather than my Windows (7 Pro 32 bit) username and password, is that right?

Many thanks.


You should enable logging to file in backup step 4.

Right. Unfortunately, there were some problems with some smtp servers reported by other users. We will fix the problems in next release.